Volunteering at WCEU 2017 Paris

Paris 2017 was my third time volunteering at WCEU (WordCamp Europe) event. With over 2,500 attends, it was the biggest WordPress event so far in Europe.

I love being able to help out as volunteer at WCEU. It’s the best and most fun way to meet a bunch of people with the same interests, from newbies to WordPress, who remind me of myself a few years ago, to full stack developers that live WordPress 24/7.

As a volunteer this year, I helped out with registration for Contributor Day, registration for speakers and guests for the two day event itself, this was a great way to meet to speakers! And also time keeper for various speakers, including Matt Mullenweg’s interview.

Attending and volunteering at WCEU has allowed me to get to know and become friends with some of the core developers of WordPress. I’ve made friends with others who run successful WordPress agencies and people who work for large company’s that sponsor WordPress, who otherwise, I would never have had the change to meet. I am very grateful for this whole experience, to feel part of the WordPress community and to make some true friendships along the way.



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