I’ll never get this week back

I’ll never get this time back. It’s happened, I’ve experienced the ups and downs of pregnancy, birth of my second son, and seen how he’s grown this first week in the big wide world.

I’ll never get this week back. 

I’m enjoying the sleepless nights. 
Our first walk out in the pram. 
How his big brother holds his hand and pats his back to help to burp him. 

I felt like my family was complete after my first son was born, and wondered how I would adapt from being a mum of one, to becoming a mum of two. The natural instinct is amazing, and now I really do feel like my family is whole and complete. 

After my first son, I didn’t want a second, I didn’t want to go through being pregnant again or the birth and recovery. But looking at the bigger picture, bring a brother or sister into the world, will make a lifelong difference to my first son’s life. It’ll be his person for life, someone to share and exchange childhood stories and have overall understanding of their shared journey in this world together.

Choosing to have a second child, and bringing a little sibling into this world was one of the best choices we have made as a family, and although these first days have been hard, it is sad to think I will now not go through this again.

It’s now really is about enjoying every moment. Every nighttime feed, every tear when it’s bath time, every look of pure delight when my first son holds his little brother in his arms. 

They grow up so fast, enjoy every moment.

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