2017 Reflection

I attended a concert at Vienna’s Musikverein Concert Hall back in 2012 while on our honeymoon. Today, watching the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on New Year’s Day brings back some great memories of happiness, starting fresh and family. So sitting watching the New Year’s Day Concert it feels like the perfect moment to reflect on the past year.

2017 Reflection

2017 was the first year that I started to journal, to keep track on a daily bases of my life journey, feelings, gratitude… Looking back through my journal today, I can see that I only filled in about 25% of the year, not nearly as much as I perhaps should have. But I am happy I can gimps back on the year to get an overall feeling of how the year went.
I feel I was not focused much this past year, lots of ideas, starting projects I was passionate about in the beginning, but then letting them fizz out. Motivation seemed to be a topic I wrote about a lot or lack of it, how to get back into the flow of work and keep on top of everything. This is definitely something I will have to work more in 2018, along with putting into action a lot more of the habits, systems and general well-being tips I have learnt from reading so many business and personal growth books.

It can sometimes be hard to remember all the good events of a year, looking back and reflecting can really help put, what seems to have otherwise been quite a dull year, into perspective.

2017 Trips

  • The Lion King, Madrid
  • Ed Sheeran concert, Barcelona
  • WordCamp, Paris
  • Road Trip, Huelva, Lisbon, Badajoz
  • Summer getaway to the UK. Birmingham and London

2017 Standout moments

  • It was time to say goodbye to my 15 year old dog, Ben.
  • International Women’s Day – Presentation on stage
  • TEDx – Volunteer autidion
  • Southcode event
  • Torrevision Interview
  • La Noria business course
  • First 10km run
  • WordCamp Chiclana
  • Joined official WordCamp organization team for Belgrade 2018
  • Became pregnant, currently 18 weeks. Very excited and curious to see how my life plan will change.

I recommend taking time to reflect on your past year, seeing what you achieved and how far off where you want to be can help to make the next year even better.

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