Podcast takeaway: Being Boss with Tara Gentile

To start my Monday morning and to get me all fired up for work after what was a bit of a lazy weekend, I started my day with my morning routine, this includes feeding my mind with a upbeat business podcast.

Today I listened to Being Boss with guest Tara Gentile.
Here are my biggest takeaways from episode #21:

Sales is service

Look at sales conversations and marketing conversions as an opportunity to server people. Not only show up and serve people but help customers get what they want, not what you want, what the customer wants. This will make sales effortless and fun.
See every situation and every opportunity from the customer perspective.

See the world from someone else’s perspective to:

  • Be successful in pricing
  • Be successful in marketing
  • Be successful in product development
  • Be successful in negotiation

It’s your business, your are the best person to see what your community wants and to be able to create a product or service that fits your customers needs.

Chief initiative

One goal you have for the next 6 to 8 months determines the direction of your business. You can have other sub-goals which help guide you but the chief initiative is the single point of focus to direct all of your actions and decisions you have to make.
Whenever you are faced with a decision, you just have to ask yourself ‘Does this help me get closer to my chief initiative right now, or does this need to get put to one side?’. All your effort and energy should be based around your chief initiative, to focus your direction and ultimately achieve your end goal.

Think about what you do differently

As the boss of your business, you need to know how you do things differently, how you differentiate yourself from your competition. It’s important as a leader to be able to know how you are different, and to be able to communicate this much better, to be able to communicate why someone should hire you, or why someone should work with you. By knowing what you do different, and sharing this helps you stand out in the business world of services and products we live in these days.

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