Best Entrepreneur Books 2018

Best Entrepreneur Books 2018

Today is World Book Day, so to celebrate I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the best entrepreneur books and personal development books I have read. Learning new tips and systems to improve my business along with personal development books which help me understand how important my mental state is, and that’s it’s important to take time out to focus on me have played an important part in my entrepreneur journey.

I was never much of a reader, but back in 2013, my husband bought me a Kindle for my birthday (I had to check on Amazon and I was honestly surprised it was that long ago!), since then I have loved having the quick easy access to the world of Amazon books. With entrepreneur books and personal development books being my favourite, along with a few fiction thrillers.

I never thought of reading entrepreneur books until I joined my first Mastermind group back in 2015. We were given a list of books for the year and with other recommendations and reading reviews, I came up with my own list of best entrepreneur books. I quickly realized how important it was to keep learning and improving. I was 30 at the time, some could say that it was a shame that I hadn’t found this new reading/learning book interest sooner. But I saw it with positive eyes and thought ‘I’m only 30, and I’m now reading and learning all these new things to incorporate into my entrepreneur life. So glad I found this now, and not when I’m 60’.

Out of all the entrepreneur books and personal growth books I’ve read since then, this is my list of best entrepreneur books 2018 that I recommend every entrepreneur should read. They might not completely fit your business model, but lessons can be learned.

Best entrepreneur Books 2018

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

Offered lots of idea of how to put systems into place to make your business run more efficiently. You might think this would only apply for larger businesses, but if this process is taken on board earlier, then it will helps your business grow faster.
I would recommend this book if you have your own business and want to open your eyes as to how to make your business grow and learn how to replicate it.
Read full review of The E-Myth Revisited

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller

This is book that makes you get down and focus. It talks about the 80/20 rule, the minority of your efforts lead to the majority of your results. Setting goals that can be broken down: Someday goal >> Five year goal >> One year goal >> Monthly goal >> Weekly goal >> Daily goal >> Right now. ‘What is the ONE THING I can do today that by doing it, everything else would be easier or unnecessary?’. This book really was a game change for me, and I find it changed my everyday planning and habits.
Full review of The ONE Thing coming soon.

How to be a Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott

This is a really great business book, packed with loads of useful content, examples of how to apply techniques and there are exercises to do throughout the book. The best bit for me was finally understand the ‘ZERO Inbox’ technique, which I now use in my business daily. Your inbox is not your to-do list, and being able to see quickly see what you need to take action on, what you can read later and what emails you are waiting on, is the best email system for me. This book also covers how to best use your attention throughout the day and creating master to-do lists. It really is a book to help you be more productive and work faster.
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Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

This is more of a personal development book that focuses on vulnerability, shame and how to live more fully. Living and embracing vulnerability can help us live a more wholehearted and happier life. This book was a real mind opener for me, as so often other people’s opinions can have such a negative effect on our lives, I can now see what I have to work on to live a happier life.
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More books I have read and would recommend:

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