Bloganuary 2023 #6 – Why do you write?

I don’t see myself as a writer, perhaps more of an inconsistent blogger, with typos and grammatical errors, wanting to become more consistent, articulate better and wanting the words I type to have a profound meaning on some level. But for now, I’ll just blog for me.

I first starting blogging when I ran my own web designer company, I really enjoyed creating content for my business website and back then I regularly blogged, kept up with SEO tips and my site ranked #1 for web designer in my area. It was hard to shut the site down and remove all the years of content I had created, but it was the right time, as I moved from being self-employed to employed as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

Since then, I haven’t got back into writing a blog on a serious level, I started this blog as a hobby and a place to write reviews of personal grown books and other general work related trips.
I enjoy to read, but find once a book is completed and is placed back on the bookshelf or finds its way to the second page of my Kindle library, the story or knowledge in the book can be lost and forgotten. Reviewing books and blogging about them keeps books alive for me, it allows me to go back and easily refer to quotes and magical knowledge which reminds me why I picked up and read the book in the first place. It’s easy to pick up a personal growth book, read it and forget it. But if you read it and write about it, you need to truly understand it, and once you have written about it, you are more likely to remember it, and if your subconscious remembers even the smallest details and puts them into practice throughout the day, you are going to grow as a person, thanks to that book you read and wrote about.

So, Why do I write? … for me, to grow as a person, to share knowledge in a way I find enjoyable and have a place to put down my thoughts. Bloganuary has given me a good excuse to get back into the habit of blogging, with daily prompts to get me thinking and writing about different topics than I normally wouldn’t write about. I’m not Emily Brontë, Jane Austen or Hardin Scott (After book series reference), but do enjoy having a corner of the internet for me and my achievements. ❤️

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