She Means Business by Carrie Green

She Means Business by Carrie Green - Book review

When I was running my web design business, back in 2017, I started to follow Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association (FEA). I purchased her bestselling book, She Means Business and loved the encouragement and methods Carrie wrote about to help other female entrepreneurs. 

I’d like to share my notes and my takeaways from this book, as it was the first time I had come across the Law of Attraction, and how visualisation of goals can truly make a difference.


  • She is brave courageous, a real go getter
  • She knows what she wants, and she knows that she will make it happen
  • She stays positive even when times are hard
  • She surrounds herself with like-minded people who want her to succeed
  • She learns all she can to help her strive forward
  • Nothing is going to stop her from making her dreams come true
  • Success is not an accident, it’s something we have to create on purpose

Speak Up, Show Up, Be Amazing… Consistently

It’s all about setting out to consciously create success in your business and life every day, on purpose, no matter what.

Make decisions to overcome Resistance, the three C’s:

  1. Lack of clarity – Know what you want to achieve
  2. Lack of confidence – Fears and doubts hold us back
  3. Lack of competence – Not knowing how, leads to procrastination

What kind of person do I want to be?

I read ‘She Means Business’ back in February 2017, so on the left are my notes from back then. My situation has now changed a lot, and I have grown, so I feel this list needs an update, so I have updated the list and you can see it now on the right.


  • I want to get up and smile at the world, stretch and connect with the day. 
  • Plan each day to make the most of it.
  • Be focused when I work, with a clear head.
  • Take time to enjoy life
  • Make money as I sleep, sell online.
  • Learn and grow
  • Dream day – Good focused work, GYM & relax
  • Jennifer Lawrence  – Be yourself
  • Have my own office space, with employees
  • Home with a terrace/patio that’s quiet
  • Travel to San Francisco, Australia, WCEU
  • Share my knowledge
  • Contribute at WCEU and get to know people at Automattic (work at Automattic)
  • Do a WordCamp talk


  • Focused and organized mum of two
  • Plan each day and follow through
  • Reliable and on time
  • Fit and choosing the healthy option
  • Traveling and seeing the world
  • Continue to work remotely for Automattic
  • Add dreams to a jar – each day pick one out and focus on that item – Watch dreams come true
  • Share my knowledge through my work and blogging.

Looking back on the changes I have made from 2017 and 2021, I would say this is a good place to revisit each year, to ensure goals are aligning with the person you want to be and keep your focus to make your current dreams happen.

Take action to be curious to find clarity

Visualisation Process

  1. Think of the outcome you desire (experience or achievement)
  2. Take time to visualise & believe the outcome
  3. See yourself in the picture
  4. What can you hear?
  5. What do you feel?
  6. What can you see?
  7. What can you touch?
  8. Change your posture to how it would be
  9. Make the image bigger
  10. Make the image brighter
  11. Make the sound louder
  12. Intensify the feeling

To change how you feel, change your posture. Take a deep breath and smile – Fake it until you make it

Success begins with me, success is inside me, and it’s something I have to create on purpose day in, day out.

Ask the universe for it: ‘I cosmic order the…’

5 Steps to be a wildly successful entrepreneur

  1. The heart & soul: Your mission, why and what do you stand for.
  2. Your audience: Who are they?
  3. Engaging your audience: Make them fall in love, delight them, communicate with your audience, serve them, add value.
  4. Building your audience: Get out there and shine, network.
  5. Money: Remove money blocks, how are you going to make money. Repeat: ‘Money flows to me quickly and easily’.

No IF’s, no BUT’s – Do the work, put in the hours

Resist the urge to keep putting things off, and start by creating a vision board. I have one on Pinterest, and I love to see how I am moving towards my dreams being accomplished over time and how I am growing and living the life I want. 



Rating: 3 out of 5.

This book offers great guidance on starting your own online business. Carrie goes into detail about the struggles of being a female entrepreneur, her experiences and ways to achieve a successful business. Tips include getting to know your audience, creating a brand, time management and how to overcome self-doubt. 

I would definitely recommend this book as a light read for female entrepreneurs starting out and who are looking for guidance on their business journey to move from a small business owner to a successful entrepreneur.

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