Bloganuary 2023 #4 – What is a treasure that’s been lost?

A treasure that has been lost…

Home recorded VCR videos tapes of when I was little in the UK, yes I am that old! A true treasure lost within the house moves, general clear outs and decluttering of life! What was on them? Me and my sister playing with a black barbie horse and cart in the back garden. My father making a fake phone call, as he didn’t know what to do on camera. My sister using the typewriter, while I cried in the corner as I wasn’t allowed to play with it. Memories of life which are my personal treasures!

The art of living in the present is being lost, or we choose to be distracted by other things, scroll through social media and no longer want to notice the little things around us. We didn’t have mobiles and TV series on demand when I was little, instead we had to wait for our favourite show to be aired once a week, and sit through the adverts.
Being still and present is a treasure we should hold on to and teach out kids to enjoy!

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